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It's A Wonderful Life

I was born and raised in Miami, FL under the star sign of Sagittarius and a strong Baptist upbringing. The church-house is where I cultivated my acting chops. I won almost every oratorical contest from Pre-K to 5th grade. All I wanted to do is pursue acting, but I was rejected from every drama school in the district. I didn't give applying to Julliard a 101st thought...

I went to college and accrued credits. Auditioning on a whim, my senior year found me in New York after being accepted to an acting conservatory. Of course that didn't work out but it commenced a relentless pursuit of my gift and the business of acting. 

I trained in New York & Los Angeles for 2 years, followed by working a career job for 12 years in order to survive. During that time I've was featured in student and independent films that have premiered in film festivals across the nation & a couple commercials that I've never seen.

The greatest leap of faith came in 2018 when I quit my job to do Shakespeare in San Francisco for 3 months. I was cast by a Julliard alum & it was the validation I needed. After tasting the life of a working actor, there was no way I could go back to the life I was living in LA. I returned to Miami to quality time with loved ones & a new game plan to realize my dreams. Within a month, I booked an audition that had me in my 1st trailer and on set acting opposite Michael K. Williams; being directed by John Leguizamo. The scene ended up on the editing room floor but it was all I needed to know where I belong. 

Journey with me, as every round grows higher, as I pray to the Dear Father in heaven to "show me the way... show me the way."

Reel Life


Picture This

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